City and Sea

The Setting

The City is the capital of the New Empire, standing at the center of trade routes that span land and sea. It is home to the last surviving marvels of magic, descended from Virgil’s age. But it is also deeply divided, the population split between the Blue Faction and the Green Faction. Each side has different opinions on political, religious, and even sporting teams. The Emperor and Co-Emperor attempt to keep things in balance.

The Situation

The tension that flared up when the new co-emperor was crowned is still buzzing just under the surface. The balance of power between the two factions is delicate and anything could upset it. Admist all this, certain highly-placed people are taking a secretive interest in the magical but superficially useless artifacts that survived the collapse of the Old Empire.

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About Beliefs

Notes for the players

  • Failures advance your skills! Keep looking for opportunities to improve them and advance the story.
  • Using skills you don’t have with “Beginner’s Luck” is required if you want to learn new skills!

Introduction to the Rules
Alternate Character Sheet 3.0

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City and Sea (Polis kai Thalassa)

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