Skill list for Dungeoneering

Things to deal with in a mine/cave network:

1. Climbing to descend or ascend vertical pitches. Climbing to traverse a pitch (for instance if the floor has fallen away).

2. Passing through water-filled chambers (Forte test to hold breath) or crossing or traveling along a water hazard with a swift-flowing current (Forte test, Speed test or Power test).

3. Dealing with hypothermia or severe chills after a failed water-based test (Health or possibly Survival or Firebuilding).

4. Relighting a torch, candle or lantern following its loss due to a stray wind, dip in the water or just dropping it (usually a result of a failed test; Firebuilding).

5. Wriggling through a squeeze. Verticals one that require you to go head first (so you can figure out which way to wriggle) and which don’t easily allow you to back out are especially fun (Agility test).

6. Finding your way through the maze of corridors and tunnels (Tunnel-wise, Mine-wise, Dungeon-wise).

7. Digging out from a collapse (Excavation, Mining).

8. Shoring up a tunnel (Engineering).

9. Deciphering the strange marks and sigils left by miners (Symbology).

10. Making new light sources after yours have been used up, lost or destroyed (Scavenging, Survival).

11. Finding signs of the monsters and tracing them back to the source (Tracking).

12. Leaping a chasm (Agility or Speed).

13. Setting an ambush in the tunnels (Tactics).

14. Spotting a trap (Perception or Observation).

15. Disarming or arming a trap (Trapper)

16. Managing not to disturb the bats or to send them winging into the faces of your enemies. (Bat-wise)

17. Identifying and deciphering the strange script on the artifact the miners dug up (Read/Ancient Languages)

18. Determining what the magical device’s purpose is (Aura Reading).

19. Holding up the Slowly sinking ceiling as your friends escape (Power).

20. Mapping the place as you go (Cartography).

21. Foraging for edible stuff after your supplies get lost/ruined. (Foraging, Survival)

22. Finding potable water. (Survival)

23. Making sure those luminescent fungi aren’t poisonous/carnivorous. (Herbalism)

24. Turning it all into something tasty to raise your friends’ spirits and stave off starvation. (Cooking)

25. Stringing a rope bridge over a chasm. (Rigging).

26. Fixing a rope bridge that has been cut. (Mending)

27. Carrying treasure, corpses or unconscious miners out of the mine network. (Hauling)

28. Coaxing your stubborn (and probably very wise) mule into a cave complex when he doesn’t want to go. (Animal Husbandry)

29. Identifying that foetid stench. (Gross Smells-wise, Troll-wise)

30. Setting up a system to pump the water out of a flooded complex. (Plumbing)

Skill list for Dungeoneering

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