Character Name – Harbormaster’s Daughter
Lifepaths – Born Noble, Young Lady
Age – 16


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B3 B3 B4 B4 B3 B3


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B5 B3 B9 B2 7 B0 B1 x3.5
PTGS Su: B2 Li: B4 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9

Skills – Etiquette B4, Field Dressing B1, Musical Instrument B2, Persuasion B2, Read B2, Stealthy B3, Streetwise B1, Write B2


  1. I must revenge my father’s murder.
  2. My gang is my family; I escape and go on adventures with them.

# I must not let my father know about my boyfriend.
# I’m more of a tomboy than my father believes. I must escape from him and go on adventures.
# I must sneak out of my father’s house tonight.


  1. Act tough to hide my pain.
  2. Kick ’em in the shins.

# When questioned, giggle.
# Act tough in front of my boys.

Gear – Finery, Rags, Many Shoes

Property -

Affiliations – 1D Knows the gutter rats well

Reputations – 1D It’s her coming out year in society

Relationships – In Love With an Unsuitable Gamin (Minor, romantic love, forbidden)
Her father, the Harbormaster (Significant, immediate family, deceased)

Spells or Rituals -

Traits – [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Dt] Scheming

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 3 4 2 0 Fast Shortest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield
2 May Great Strike



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