City and Sea (Polis kai Thalassa)

The Sermon on the Kaden

Having made it safely through the city to his home cathedral, Lukas consulted with his bishop. Sergius ignored Kaden, or tried to, and told Lukas to consult with the Patriarch at once.
Lukas went down to the stables, accompanied by a small squad of guards, and found a horse to ride. He then rode out of the compound and into the crowd. Kaden followed next to the horse, trying not to be noticed.
Lukas lead the crowd to the Grand Square in front of the basicilica. Once there, he was let inside, while Kaden stayed outside with the crowd. Lukas made his appeance on the balcony and started addressing the crowd. The crowd appeared to be more interested in chanting “Down with the Blues” than in listening, which prompted Kaden to pull out his bow.
Upset that Lukas wasn’t doing enough to calm the crowd, Kaden impulsively shot a warning arrow past Lukas’s ear, trying to imply that he should stop this. Lukas spotted Kaden just as he was about to shoot, prompting him to shield the nearest guard, and the arrow missed everyone.
Kaden disappeared into the now rioting crowd, unnoticed by everyone except Lukas, who sent guards down to retrieve Kaden. Kaden attempted to knock out the guard who was trying to bring him inside, and failed, getting dragged inside.
Lukas, meanwhile, pacified the crowd with an inspired speech.
Back inside, Kaden was dragged in front of Lukas, who convinced the guards to let him be. A duel of wits followed, with Kaden trying to convince Lukas “not to use the will of the people, because you don’t know what God wants.” Lukas, on the other hand, was of the opinion that “God wouldn’t have given me this if he didn’t think I could handle it.”
Kaden, who can be persuasive when he restrains his impulses, convinced Lukas that he should start questioning his superiors.
That settled, they went down to the armory and borrowed some equipment, particularly armor that prominently displayed the Green insignia.
From there, they went to see Kaden’s father. He was less than impressed with the rioting, but conceded that Kaden had shown promise in exploring the tunnels. Kaden complained that Bergholm didn’t obey his commands, but Kaden’s father told him that Bergholm was like that with everyone, even him, and implied that he didn’t fully trust Kaden just yet.
However, he did agree to send the killers of Lukas’s brothers to the courts to be tried.
In addition, he told Kaden that the unicorn was likely a manifestation of something that would otherwise be abstract, a particular kind of supernatural occurrence.
Kaden’s father, in a show of reluctant support, also agreed to send One-Eye and Bergholm (& Bergholm’s team) along so they could help with the next expedition to the under-city tunnels.


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