City and Sea (Polis kai Thalassa)

Fear and Librarians

Lukas is consulting with his bishop again. Lukas’s bishop suggested that an eccentric research librarian at the Imperial Library might know more. He also insisted that Lukas put in a public appearance later this week.

Kaden spent some time trying to figure out what the unicorn does. He knows that it is a manifestation of something, but he can’t quite figure out what.

Max was informed of the result of the research into the live rat they had caught. The rat is a manifestation of innocence, possibly caused by exposure to some major magical artifact.

Returning to the mansion, the three of them (plus Bergholm & Co. and One-Eye) go down into the tunnels again. Max uses Mage Sense to seek out anomalies around them, seeing the rats as tiny points of innocence. He spots an area that has a complete lack of innocence (and presumably rats).

Lukas paints a sign with a happy face, showing which way they went. As they approach, they encounter a magical darkness that seems to effect even their torchlight. On Max’s advice, they retreat, and Lukas attempts to redraw his happy face, failing miserably and making it even more happy.

The magical darkness turns out to be following Kaden, and they eventually find a hideout…Kara’s hideout. Liz reveals herself to Kaden. Max picks up the lantern of foresight that was in the hideout and they all set out onward.

After passing through a maze of passages, they open a sealed door and find themselves in an underground cistern. Carefully picking their way along the slightly submerged ledge around the outside, they make their way to the stairwell at the other end of the cistern. Well, except for Kaden, who noticed that his unicorn was walking straight across the water. He tried to ride the unicorn, failed, and got dragged across, soaking wet.

They navigated the broken stairs and made their way to the surface, where they found themselves in the Harbor Market, some distance North of the mansion.

Deciding to head towards the Library and Basicilica, reached the Grand Square, where they were interrupted by crowds and guards. Lukas eventually managed to get through the crowd and briefly preached to them, and then the party proceeded to the Library.

The research librarian turned out to be a little old lady. Lukas attempted to communicate with the her through a mixture of shouting and hand gestures. She sent them to the appropriate shelves, where Max discovered vital information about the history of the Vases. Attempting to dig deeper, they discovered that Jack had stolen some of the books they needed.

They reported this to the librarian, who summoned one of the pale Guard Orcs and told him about the crime. Kaden followed the orc when he left, but his attempt at stealth was less than successful, and trying to ride the unicorn away was an even worse failure.

The others, noticing that Kaden was gone, got a hall pass from the librarian and went looking for him. They found him in the barracks, surrounded by the pale-skinned orcs. Max convinced them that Kaden had only been looking for the facilities, and they let him go. The orcs only noticed the unicorn’s presence when Max mentioned it.

Max used the opportunity afforded by the hall pass to snoop around, but only managed to find the room where the imperial tax census records were kept.


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